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Hi, my name is Adrienne Lovett and I am battling Huntington Disease. The disease consists of Dementia, Parkinson, and Als. I’m on permanent disability, due to the nature of the disease being terminal. Due to the rarity of the disease, as it is rare and currently no cure or medicine for the disease and extreme of the expenses that come with such an extreme diagnosis. I am looking to raise money to help me pay for medical equipment, medical bills (which is currently 20,000), medication, and other expenses such as living expenses. My husband works and is also my caregiver. I’m being referred for palliative care at the present moment. Any donation such as, food, medical equipment, money towards living expenses would be such a blessing to our family. We barely are getting by with my ssa and his job salary. We are currently behind on all bills and constantly overdraft. I have been denied long term insurance and life insurance.

My Journey w/ Huntington Disease and it's progression.

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